Hello, my name is Marko. I’m born in September of 1993. Currently, I’m part-time student of Computing and Information Technologies. Beside study, I’m also part-time YouTube Content Creator with abilities to do photography and actually build Web sites. With all of that, my Social Managment Skills are pretty good. In terms of religion, there I can be classified as a Christian.

For education I can say that my growth in IT was at times painfull. It all started in Primary School Žitnjak, City of Zagreb. During last 4 grades in school I saw myself in IT, especially after one day when I built Web site using WYSIYWG builder in 6-th grade. As of high school I decisided to go with Technical School of Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb. Here I learned a lot about PC Architecture, networking and being System Administration. Afterall, high school time is best. Decision for college was easy. College that I choose is University of Applied Sciences Zagreb (old naming scheme: Polytechnic of Zagreb). Hardest choice was Department. I wanted to go to Deparment of Computing and Information Technologies, but I didn’t get into it because it was full-filled within few minutes in last hour before locking choice on web. After that I didn’t got into primary Deparment, I got to second – Deparment of Electrical Engineering. At that Deaprment I decided to get specialzation in Communications and Computing Technology. After four years on Deparment of Electrical Engineering I had to quit regular study. For part-time study I had few options, from which one was University of Applied Sciences Zagreb’s Department of Computing and Information Technologies where I’m studying now.