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Never trust First impressions

Title seems weird but here it is why you shouldn’t trust First impressions, especially on high-end smartphones.

Here are 3 main points which can make you not buy phone.

Example #1: It is slippery as f*ck

Oh boy, happened a lot of time… Now it is specially noticed on Samsung Galaxy S6 and newer ones. When I first tried phone I was, man this is slippery as f*ck, I can’t take it with me. Also no replaceable battery and no SD Card slot – heck nope. It went fully nope for me.

Now, almost a year and half later I can say few things – doesn’t matter at all. Just buy a skin or protective case dammit. And yes, I’m talking right now about my work phone – Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. I would get it next week as of starting my work, but with official case on it. No some, crappy bs, real stuff is going on. And I can say one thing – it is not slippery as heck, even w/o case. When I first tried S6 I went from biking and that is why it got slippery af and I held it with 2 hands just to not drop it.

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Example #2: That camera sucks

Again, one stupid reason. Maybe it is software issue (happened before on Nexus devices). It can’t be camera them self.

Example #3: Price is too high, no body can afford it

Really, really… Not with example carrier subsidies? What is wrong with you people. Just on’t buy phone at release date, price would drop down.

For instance – a brand new Galaxy S7 edge cost around 6000HRK when it was released here in Croatia and now price is down to around 4500 HRK, unlocked, carrier free device. Simply wait for few months and price would get down. Some people really wants to world burn…

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Those are mine 3 examples of first impressions and why don’t trust them (for most ofΒ devices). Just wait for a full review, it helps a lot dang it.

Summer and sea

That combination of awesome! And I know that very good in this manner.

For me summer is best part of year. It is time when you can actually relax after exams weeks, college, school and even job. I love summer. And especially love it when I go to sea.

Sea, one awesome place here on planet earth. It is great to see that blue part of world. Why I love sea. Well, I love it because I go there almost every year in past 6 summers.

And now, in next 24 hours after releasing this post I would be in bus with bunch of friends on our way to sea. Early summer here we go 😎

This post is sponsored by Kursiljo and powered by power of Jesus Christ 😊

Bootloops and bricks

So, you all might ask one thing right now:

Hey, why bricks and what the fuck is bootloop? I never experienced it on any device.

First of all, first part would be answered soon, and fit second question answer is – don’t lie bitch, you had an bootloop but you just removed battery and reinserted it back.

That is an bootloop. Problem which most heavy duty experimenters like me had on phone.

Latest bootloop was before couple days ago on Doogee when stupid plugin managed to stop booting Xposed Framework. I was pissed off at the moment, but still after some research I found problem and fixed it.

And finally what is a brick. Well, no one wants bricking phone. Brick happens when you flash wrong firmware to device. Also happened to me and I fixed it with reflashing ROM which have all OTA updates in it.

In short: all of us had at least one bootloop but we hate it. What we hate more are bricks. Nobody want bricked phone without help to it.

Resurrecting project

Yes, I know you might think about this but nope it is something else.

What you might ask, and here I would answer something like this: something special.

That’s right, I would go with relearning one skill to resurrect that project.

It took me a lot of time first time when I was doing it, and now 2.5 years after first try I’m gonna try again. If it fails then I know what is process of doing next: scraping idea and project and never gonna be found in my silly head.

Meanwhile, in next week or so here should be released review of current smartphone that I’m using for almost a month.

Until next blog post, peace out.

Doogee Y100 Pro – First impressions

Just one note: this is not a review per se, this are just my first impressions on this device after almost of week using it (6 days of use to be precise).

So let’s start with unboxing. I was pleasantly surprised when I found device already in protective case (transparent hard shell) and with screen protector on it. I still didn’t replaced that stock protector and I’m using phone with it.

In box I also found USB cable (1.5 metres long ~ 4.1 feet long), power brick (5V @ 1A), earbuds (flat cable one with solid bass and treble), another screen protector and finally documentation which I didn’t read.

For a first start I was shocked that it doesn’t had device setup apk installed and ask setup need to be done manually. For me it is not big deal, but for somebody who used let’s say Galaxy phone it would be:

What the f***, how should I do first time setup of phone?

Well you can all things do trough Settings. And first thing that I did was setting up my main Google account, checking for OTA updates which took me about half an hour with 5 OTA’s from original firmware that came with it.

After doing OTA and all of updates from Play Store it was time to root it and install custom recovery. This was simple as downloading zip file with root (SuperSU), booting into stock recovery, flashing zip file and rebooting device. After that I just installed Flashify application from Store and flashing TWRP aka custom recovery.

Last major thing that I did was installing different launcher (Nova Launcher Prime), Xposed Framework and one module called GravityBox.
In daily usage I don’t see any freezes or major stuttering in UI or in applications that use in daily basis.

Battery life is just fine. With this 2200mAh battery it can survive all day surfing on WiFi and listening music with average of 3.5 hours of SOT. Longest SOT was yesterday when battery died (I wanted to get battery at 0%) with 4.5 hours of SOT. Not bad at all.

Now to the cameras – they are fine, nothing special but they are OK. Flash isn’t something good, but it is OK for my usage. OK, it is a bit less powerful then on LG Spirit but still can’t say anything wrong about it.

Overall after this short amount of time with phone I can say that it isn’t best-buy for price range (~100-150$ and this depends from store to store which sells it) and that there can be found better phone for that price. One example is Xiaomi Redmi 2 or maybe Meizu M2 (not Note edition).

More detailed review should be written after a month of usage which is just fine for better testing of battery life and cameras.

New smartphone user – Baby steps

As on beginning of this post somebody might ask

Hey, why it is called new smartphone user? You are using smartphone for 5 years now?

To answer this questions – yes I’m smartphone user for 5.5 years now, and it is called that because it would be journey of moms learning how to use smartphone in daily basis.

This is post about her first week of phone usage. Let’s begin.

So day 0 as I like to call it. This was her first 1.5 hours of usage. In this first 1.5 hours of usage she learned how to unlock phone using back buttons and lock it that way. Also she learned how to unlock it using smart wake feature called double tap to wake. She is mostly using this feature for last 2 days.
She also had education from sister and me in few other things that she is using for last 2 days.

At the start of day one she managed to see that she is using QWERTZ keyboard layout (note: in Croatia we use QWERTZ, not QWERTY layout) not old phone style of keyboard. After all she have 50 years and this is her first real smartphone (already used old LG Optimus One, but with old phone style of keyboard and with Big Launcher and that was only for a few days while she was waiting until her old Samsung phone get back from service center).

Another thing that she learned is how to set up an alarm for good morning. That was easiest step in learning curve.

Day 2 was pretty much same as first one, but today she learned how to make pictures (and no selfies for now).

Day 3 – this was day when she discovered number pad in Google Keyboard. It was show when she wrote message to sister with her latest grade in math (or chemistry I’m not sure), but I know that was hilarious. Sister laughed for 10 minutes. What a day πŸ˜‰

Day 4 – mom found that I actually installed WhatsApp to her phone. Damn mom, I didn’t wanna to find that so early. You still need to learn more about long press on something. Anyway, thanks mom now sister can’t have any profile photo that she wants (sarcasm at best 😁). And yeah, she also learned how to add new contact. Fast learning in one day.

Day 5 – boy, do I need to mention one thing that was new ? She found emojis in Google Keyboard. Now we are dead with them.

Day 6 – mom who told you to activate mobile data and use WhatsApp on job. Seriously why… Now your battery would drain even faster then before (even trough I set some battery saver config for regular day to day usage without 3G/4G LTE)…

Day 7 – did somebody say that she is now in new category called Child steps πŸ˜‰ . That’s right, she managed to pass baby steps on smartphone and now she is regular smartphone user.

Switching phones – Part 2

Well this was fast post part 2 so shall we start with one announcement – review of Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro is coming in next couple of weeks. Now, let’s say what are my 3 most important things when switching phones.

First and foremost – adding Google accounts in phone. You all maybe ask

Jeez why ACCOUNTS, why not only one account?

Reason for that is that I have couple of separate Google accounts for separate things. For instance one of accounts is for college mail’s, one is for checking private mail’s and server updates. One account is my main and on that is all contacts backup and also 95% of purchases on Play Store.

That is reason for at least 3 accounts connected to phone. Sometimes I link college Exchange mail and mail for collaborative YouTube account. That is just me.

Second thing is installing all of apps that I use regularly. There is about 30 apps which varies from communication to productivity applications. And all of apps are official (OK there are couple apps that can have good alternative but I’m lazy to search for it).

And as final step I would like to call setting up all of applications to my preferences. This can take me couple of days easily.

Bonus step: rooting device. Yup it’s just me. Current device is rooted, Xposed is installed and there is installed only one module – Gravity Box [LP].
This would be my procedure for setting up new device (like this Valencia 2 Y100 Pro).

For next month I would write about one thing and that is mom’s struggle to learn how to use smartphone. I think that would be easy switch from feature phone to smartphone (that I just think because she already used smartphone for some time, but that was before Android 5.x and on device with 3.2″ screen).

Switching phones – Part 1

Oh boy it is tough to write about this topic, especially when you still didn’t bought new phone. But even trough my phone is chosen and it is cheap process would take some time. Why you as reader might ask?

Here are 3 things that need to be done before getting new device.
Note: all opinions are mine so if you do in different order that is fine, but this is just my way of doing things.

First and the most important thing is – BACKUP, BACKUP and again BACKUP! Why backup you might ask? Reason for that stay that I hate data loss (and most of us hate it too) especially when it is important one like contacts and passwords for accessing applications which you use.

I know what you think –

But Marko, contacts have backup daily to your Google/Microsoft/Apple cloud services, why worry about that.

Reason for that is simple – in early 2011 I lost about 25 contacts while I was switching from feature phone to smartphone. You all might think that is not a big deal, but for me it was. Those contacts didn’t properly backed up from SIM card to phones internal storage. It was time when Sony Ericsson had used proprietary cable to charge phone and connect it to PC. Eventually I lost data cable so I moved contacts from old device to new one which was LG Optimus One using Bluetooth. That was a major loss in my contacts history. That 25 contacts was about half of contacts list. Other half was fine because of SIM card contacts which was made back in 2007. Good old memories and times when you had feature phone with only SIM card contacts saving. Anyway – backup is a key, no matter what phone you use. I know that my sister still saves contacts to phone storage so backing up his phone is a hard thing.

Step number two is to clone all of images and videos that you need to some cloud storage solution. In my case I’m safe because for almost 2 and half years all of images and videos are backed up to Google’s cloud also known as Drive.

And the final step is to do factory reset of phone. Not just from settings, I highly recommend to do that using flash tool from manufacturer. For instance as Samsung owner I did it using Odin and now as LG owner I would do that using LG Flash tool. Maybe those tools aren’t 100% official from manufacturer but they work fine for all of flashing purposes.

Next time on blog I would write procedure for setting up phone after switching to it.

Also be ready for blogging series about one man who would finally switch from feature phone to a smartphone (hint: mother)