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Basic informations about me

As you can read from short intro, my name is Marko Idžan.

I'm born in September of 1993.

Currently I'm student in field of Electrical Enginnering, specifically in telecommunications. Beside college, I'm also YouTube Content Creator, amateur photographer, Junior Web Designer and Junior System Engineer.

My hobbies are biking in nature, photography and web administration.

In terms of religion, there I can be classified as a Christian.


As for education, I would always like to say that my education started in primary school Žitnjak, City of Zagreb. During this eight years of primary education I decided that my future job is in IT, so this make a good steps towards my high school.

For an high school I went to Technical School of Ruđer Bošković (Tehnička škola Ruđera Boškovića), Zagreb. There I went to Computer Technician class. In this four years of high school education I personally learned a lot about programming in couple of programming languages, CPU microarhitecture, networking with real Cisco devices (which was used in Cisco Academy in Ruđer) and finally a lot about configuring PC's for SOHO.

Next step in education is going to college. So I went to it. It was tough choice to which Department of Polytechnic of Zagreb (Tehničko veleučilište u Zagrebu) I would go. I wanted to go to Informatics Department, but it was full-filed in short amount of time, so I went to Department of Electrical Enginnering. Here I had to choose for which part of electrotechnics I want to specialize, so I go to Communications and Computing Technology (Komunikacijska i računalna tehnologija).


For this segment of web, I would say that I'm unemployed student. It is tough to study and get some OK job which can pay you well.

But still, I'm working as IT Guy for friends and family, so that counts as work expirience.

Also, as YouTube Content Creator I wouldn't say that this is my full-time job, but it is part-time job. Why it is part-time job? So, first and formost - it took my free time to create good quality content to publish online. Also, income from YouTube is small, so from it only can afford some cheap games or some cheap software.


As for skills, I would like to write that I'm master of something, but I'm not master. I'm just good with this skills which I learned. Most of skills I learned myself using Internet courses and tutorials, and a small amount of skills I actually learned in high school and on college.

Skills that I learned in high school was about networking with Cisco routers and switches, programming in ANSI C, programming microcontrolers using Assembler and finally: administration of SOHO servers based on Windows Server platform.

Skills which I learned in college until now is programming in Java and any other Object Oriented Programming language, programming in LabView and programming myDaq to work with some basic projects. Here I upgraded skills about programming in ANSI C and about network administration with Cisco routers and switches.

Most of the other skills I learned myself, as I needed them. For instance: I learned how to install Windows operating system while I was still in primary school (6th grade). After that in 8th grade of primary school I learned a little bit about Linux installation and administration of it.

Later on in high school I started learning about web design using HTML and CSS. This is pretty much skill which I know pretty good right now. Still, sometimes I need cheat-sheet for some tags how does they work because I'm now mostly working with CMS's like WordPress and Joomla. Because of web design, I started learning about graphics design using free tools and sometimes a professional grade tools (like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator).

At the end of high school I started learning about video production and video editing. Most of things that I learned at high school was just how to make a simple edit on video in Windows Movie Maker. After high school and on first year of college I went crazy about video editing, so I learned alot about it. I started using professional grade tools for video capturing and video editing (Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere).

Brief about everything


  • 2000. - 2008. → Primary school Žitnjak, Zagreb
  • 2008. - 2012. → Technical school Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb
  • 2012. - present → Polytechnic of Zagreb, Department of Electrical Engineering


  • 2012. - present → unemployed
  • 2008. - present → YouTube Content Creator


  • HTML, CSS, WordPress
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • Programming in Java and Android application development
  • Programming in ANSI C
  • Porgramming in LabView
  • Administration and configuration of Windows clients
  • Administration and configuration of Windows Servers for SOHO
  • Administration and configuration of Linux clients
  • Administration and configuration of Linux servers with LAMP stack
  • Mainteance and assembly of computers


Official Branding for The Parish of St. Vitus website

Website of The parish of St. Vitus, Zagreb-Petrusevec

Website of The parish of St. Vitus (Croatian: Župa sv. Vida, Zagreb-Petruševec) was originaly created in 2008. In early days of website it was powered on pure HTML (HTML 4.01 Transitional) and some JavaScript. Before I started administration of website it already changed few people which did this. I got on administration place in April of 2010. First major change on website was made in Summer of 2012, when I pushed out WordPress version of website online. Also, that was first major design change in some time. Design was based on WordPress theme Twenty Eleven with some tweaks to look more like original website was. Next major change happened in late Summer of 2013, when I reverted some changes in design to look more like original WordPress Twenty Eleven Theme, but with my personal touches on it (mostly, small cosmetic changes). In next year and half I get some visual changes to website, which are mostly based on Color scheme and background image. Last major change was made in early Autumn of 2015, when I did another major change to base template. Now, website template fo changes which I applied is WordPress Theme named Twenty Thirteen. On that template I made a lot of visual tweaks, and readability tweaks to make website more cleaner then it was ever before.

Visit website at: www.zupa-petrusevec.hr

Official Branding for Maskice.hr website

Website and WebShop of Maskice.hr , Zagreb

Website and WebShop of Maskice.hr (previously known as Fancy Smartphone Accessories) is created in November of 2014. It was created, for an owner of shop (which is a good guy and is friend to me) which wanted an website for sharing all of Smartphone Cases Online. Original idea was to create website using Joomla! as CMS with some WebShop module. But, because of problems that happened in early testings state and a lot of changing of ideas for webshop integration I switched to WordPress as CMS and WooCommerce as e-commerce platform. Original design used iTheme2 for website theme. It was haevily tweaked to work with translations and with some WooCommerce features that was missing in theme. Site took for a year with same theme and with mine work only in administration part. That administration had some work in August of 2015 after website got taken down from "hacker" and I reverted it back in less then 2 hours of downtime. At this time finally implemented Cloudflare for better security. In early March of 2016 owner and me decided to make a major change to website. That change include a brand new theme which was bought from ThemeForest. Theme that is now on website is Flatsome by UX-Themes. It have alot of things that was before tweaked to work with iTheme2 and WooCommerce. This made my work way more easier in implementation of new features and reverting things that was before on website done with plugins (examples are SiteBuilder, Better Image Gallery for Products, SlideShow). Website have implemented Live Chat which is powered by tawk.to. For now on my work are some minor tweaks in design (graphics mostly), adding product categories for new products, adding content, fixing security holes in consumers registration progress and giving support to workers at this shop.

Visit website at: maskice.hr

Official Branding for Moj TVZ for Android Project

Website for project "Moj TVZ for Android™"

Website for project "Moj TVZ for Android™" (Croatian: Moj TVZ za Android™) is just one simple HTML5 based website. As for Framework it use Bootstrap v4 Alpha Framework. It provides a lot of details about application, from which most is technical. All code is original.

Visit website at: https://midzan21.github.io/MojTVZzaAndroidOfficial

Official Branding for Creamics Craft BM

Website of Creamics Craft "BM"

Website of Creamics Craft "BM" (Croatian: Keramičarski obrt "BM") is website which would be used for promotion of already done works from this Ceramics Craft. Website is still Work in Progress, because of slow gathering of high quality images of already finished works (most of photos was made with older smartphones with not so good camera). Also, I'm creating website for friends, and that is one reason why it is taking some time. Website is based on WordPress with modified GeneratePress Theme. Graphics is made by myself, after getting original design created in Microsoft Paint. Website should be finished in next couple of weeks.

Visit website at: www.keramicarskiobrtbm.hr

Official Branding for Moj TVZ for Android Project

"Moj TVZ for Android™" Application

"Moj TVZ za Android™" (Croatian: Moj TVZ for Android™) is the unofficial app for all students of the Polytechnic of Zagreb. The application was created as a worthy alternative to the mobile version of the portal moj.tvz.hr. The mobile version of the portal there are problems with navigation and with certain problems. This application is settled on an elegant way. Instead of built-in navigation on moj.tvz.hr I created it to use Navigation Drawer with access to commonly used pages in the portal, such as:

  • News from the courses that we listen
  • Courses that listen
  • Notify all students at the Polytechnic of Zagreb
  • Notify the Student Administration Office of the direction in which you are enrolled
  • Timetable

The application have upgraded certain response elements of the interface of the portal, and the portal and I improved by less consumption of Internet traffic.

Download application from: Amazon App Store

Find source code at: GitHub

Photograph of Church, which is now used as Favicon and as Facebook Page icon
Brand new YouTube Cover image for Gamers Show YouTube Channel.
Official branding for my Official Facebook Page, Google + Page and YouTube Channel

For full-size and high-quality version of photos visit link @ Imgur Album.

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