About me

Hello, my name is Marko. I'm born in September of 1993. Currently, I'm part-time student of Computing and Information Technologies. Beside study, I'm also part-time YouTube Content Creator with abilities to do photography and actually build Web sites. With all of that, my Social Managment Skills are pretty good. In terms of religion, there I can be classified as a Christian.

For education I can say that my growth in IT was at times painfull. It all started in Primary School Žitnjak, City of Zagreb. During last 4 grades in school I saw myself in IT, especially after one day when I built Web site using WYSIYWG builder in 6-th grade. As of high school I decisided to go with Technical School of Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb. Here I learned a lot about PC Architecture, networking and being System Administration. Afterall, high school time is best. Decision for college was easy. College that I choose is University of Applied Sciences Zagreb (old naming scheme: Polytechnic of Zagreb). Hardest choice was Department. I wanted to go to Deparment of Computing and Information Technologies, but I didn't get into it because it was full-filled within few minutes in last hour before locking choice on web. After that I didn't got into primary Deparment, I got to second - Deparment of Electrical Engineering. At that Deaprment I decided to get specialzation in Communications and Computing Technology. After four years on Deparment of Electrical Engineering I had to quit regular study. For part-time study I had few options, from which one was University of Applied Sciences Zagreb's Department of Computing and Information Technologies where I'm studying now.

In Short

  • September of 1993.
  • Biking, Photography, Web Administration
  • 2000. - 2008. → Primary school Žitnjak, Zagreb
  • 2008. - 2012. → Technical school Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb
  • 2012. - 2016. → University of Applied Sciences Zagreb, Department of Electrical Engineering
  • 2016. - present → University of Applied Sciences Zagreb, Department of Computing

Work Experience and Skills

For my work I can say that I was unemployed student with regular study. Within that time I had a lot of small IT works for friends and family. I like to say that I was "Family Technician". Also within college and a bit before that I started to do more YouTube Content Creation. For me YouTube Content Creation is and it would be part-time job. For last 4 years it is real part-time job, not just some hobby like before that. At the October of 2016 I started working for company named "Gold Deal d.o.o" within subdivision of "Maskice.hr" (which is one project of mine). I'm on place of System and Web-Shop Administration with Social Media Management and Marketing.

Skills can be described like this - most of them are learned from self paced learning schedule. Those skills also can be sorted in two major groups - programming with informatics and audio-video editing skills. Most of programming skills I learned within high school and college. In that time I learned to program in ANSI C, Java, C++ and LabView. Also in that time I learned lot about creting Small Office-Home Office Networking, Administration and basics of 3D modeling. In free time I learned about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Content Managment Systems like WordPress and Joomla, video editing and graphics design with basic and professional tools. For most of mine works I use free and open-source applications, but for some operations I had to learn to work in professional and paid software. That software which I learned are: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro and Techsmith Camtasia Studio.

Skills in Short

  • Programming in few Programming Languages
  • Graphics and Photography
  • Building and Fixing Computers
  • Administration of Linux Servers and Clients
  • Administration of Windows Servers and Clients
  • Video production

Some Works That I Done

Website of The parish of St. Vitus, Zagreb-Petrusevec

Website of The parish of St. Vitus (Croatian: Župa sv. Vida, Zagreb-Petruševec) was originaly created in 2008. In early days of website it was powered on pure HTML and some JavaScript. I got on administration place in April of 2010. First major change was in 2012, when was website switched to WordPress. In next 3 years there was few major design changes, and lot of small changes to website. Latest design use WordPress Theme Twenty Thirteen as base for other changes.

Visit website at: www.zupa-petrusevec.hr

Website and WebShop of Maskice.hr , Zagreb

Website and WebShop of Maskice.hr is created in November of 2014. It uses WordPress as CMS and WooCommerce as e-commerce platform. Original design used iTheme2 for website theme. In early March of 2016 there was make a major change to website. That change include a brand new theme which was bought from ThemeForest. Theme that is now on website is Flatsome by UX-Themes. Website have implemented Live Chat which is powered by tawk.to.

Visit website at: maskice.hr

"Moj TVZ for Android™" Application and WebSite

"Moj TVZ za Android™" (Croatian: Moj TVZ for Android™) is the unofficial app for all students of the University of Applied Sceinces Zagreb. The application was created as a worthy alternative to the mobile version of the portal moj.tvz.hr. The application have upgraded certain responsive elements of the interface of the portal and it is optimized for less consumption of network bandwidth. Website for this project is HTML5 based website which use Bootstrap v4 Alpha Framework. It provides a lot of details about application, from which most is technical.

Visit website at: https://midzan21.com.hr/MojTVZzaAndroidOfficial

Download application from: Amazon App Store

Contact Me

If you want to contact me you can do it with e-mail addresses down below. Those are my e-mail address, and you'll get answer in 24-48 hours.

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