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How to get without access to service

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Or as alternative title would be:

What the ** Google AdSense, why again disable my account.

To clarify something, this is just one rant about Google AdSense, and here are some real reasons why accounts my be disabled or suspended.

Let’s start with rant part: why Google, why. This is just my personal blog on which I enabled AdSense. If there is some weird stats I would know about them and disabled ads code. Now this blog is it using as to get some more juicy ad revenue which would keep it stable and working without issues like downtimes (which happens now from time to time but those are short when server is updating) and with new fresh design.

In all seriousness, maybe (removed post) is triggering some AI to disable ads account. Or there is something within YouTube account where it was connected to, I have no freaking idea why I got disabled on 3 accounts in last 2 months. Yup I said and wrote it correctly - three accounts disabled. And one was linked with my business email address so now on that account I can’t get AdSense anymore. What a mess Google, what a mess.

Now to fun part - how to get disabled or suspended from AdSense. It is easy, anybody can do it. Just click on your own ads no matter where they are. Like on your own videos. Or get some YouTube views bot and try to get more views with clicks on ads. Oh wait there is more - refresh your own website and view all ads there for a few hours.

Just kidding in the last paragraph. Do not that kind of crap. It would definitely disable your AdSense account. Try to keep it within Terms of Service from AdSense.


Posted: 02 Jul 2018