Doogee Y100 Pro – First impressions

Just one note: this is not a review per se, this are just my first impressions on this device after almost of week using it (6 days of use to be precise).

So let’s start with unboxing. I was pleasantly surprised when I found device already in protective case (transparent hard shell) and with screen protector on it. I still didn’t replaced that stock protector and I’m using phone with it.

In box I also found USB cable (1.5 metres long ~ 4.1 feet long), power brick (5V @ 1A), earbuds (flat cable one with solid bass and treble), another screen protector and finally documentation which I didn’t read.

For a first start I was shocked that it doesn’t had device setup apk installed and ask setup need to be done manually. For me it is not big deal, but for somebody who used let’s say Galaxy phone it would be:

What the f***, how should I do first time setup of phone?

Well you can all things do trough Settings. And first thing that I did was setting up my main Google account, checking for OTA updates which took me about half an hour with 5 OTA’s from original firmware that came with it.

After doing OTA and all of updates from Play Store it was time to root it and install custom recovery. This was simple as downloading zip file with root (SuperSU), booting into stock recovery, flashing zip file and rebooting device. After that I just installed Flashify application from Store and flashing TWRP aka custom recovery.

Last major thing that I did was installing different launcher (Nova Launcher Prime), Xposed Framework and one module called GravityBox.
In daily usage I don’t see any freezes or major stuttering in UI or in applications that use in daily basis.

Battery life is just fine. With this 2200mAh battery it can survive all day surfing on WiFi and listening music with average of 3.5 hours of SOT. Longest SOT was yesterday when battery died (I wanted to get battery at 0%) with 4.5 hours of SOT. Not bad at all.

Now to the cameras – they are fine, nothing special but they are OK. Flash isn’t something good, but it is OK for my usage. OK, it is a bit less powerful then on LG Spirit but still can’t say anything wrong about it.

Overall after this short amount of time with phone I can say that it isn’t best-buy for price range (~100-150$ and this depends from store to store which sells it) and that there can be found better phone for that price. One example is Xiaomi Redmi 2 or maybe Meizu M2 (not Note edition).

More detailed review should be written after a month of usage which is just fine for better testing of battery life and cameras.

New smartphone user – Baby steps

As on beginning of this post somebody might ask

Hey, why it is called new smartphone user? You are using smartphone for 5 years now?

To answer this questions – yes I’m smartphone user for 5.5 years now, and it is called that because it would be journey of moms learning how to use smartphone in daily basis.

This is post about her first week of phone usage. Let’s begin.

So day 0 as I like to call it. This was her first 1.5 hours of usage. In this first 1.5 hours of usage she learned how to unlock phone using back buttons and lock it that way. Also she learned how to unlock it using smart wake feature called double tap to wake. She is mostly using this feature for last 2 days.
She also had education from sister and me in few other things that she is using for last 2 days.

At the start of day one she managed to see that she is using QWERTZ keyboard layout (note: in Croatia we use QWERTZ, not QWERTY layout) not old phone style of keyboard. After all she have 50 years and this is her first real smartphone (already used old LG Optimus One, but with old phone style of keyboard and with Big Launcher and that was only for a few days while she was waiting until her old Samsung phone get back from service center).

Another thing that she learned is how to set up an alarm for good morning. That was easiest step in learning curve.

Day 2 was pretty much same as first one, but today she learned how to make pictures (and no selfies for now).

Day 3 – this was day when she discovered number pad in Google Keyboard. It was show when she wrote message to sister with her latest grade in math (or chemistry I’m not sure), but I know that was hilarious. Sister laughed for 10 minutes. What a day 😉

Day 4 – mom found that I actually installed WhatsApp to her phone. Damn mom, I didn’t wanna to find that so early. You still need to learn more about long press on something. Anyway, thanks mom now sister can’t have any profile photo that she wants (sarcasm at best 😁). And yeah, she also learned how to add new contact. Fast learning in one day.

Day 5 – boy, do I need to mention one thing that was new ? She found emojis in Google Keyboard. Now we are dead with them.

Day 6 – mom who told you to activate mobile data and use WhatsApp on job. Seriously why… Now your battery would drain even faster then before (even trough I set some battery saver config for regular day to day usage without 3G/4G LTE)…

Day 7 – did somebody say that she is now in new category called Child steps 😉 . That’s right, she managed to pass baby steps on smartphone and now she is regular smartphone user.

Switching phones – Part 2

Well this was fast post part 2 so shall we start with one announcement – review of Doogee Valencia 2 Y100 Pro is coming in next couple of weeks. Now, let’s say what are my 3 most important things when switching phones.

First and foremost – adding Google accounts in phone. You all maybe ask

Jeez why ACCOUNTS, why not only one account?

Reason for that is that I have couple of separate Google accounts for separate things. For instance one of accounts is for college mail’s, one is for checking private mail’s and server updates. One account is my main and on that is all contacts backup and also 95% of purchases on Play Store.

That is reason for at least 3 accounts connected to phone. Sometimes I link college Exchange mail and mail for collaborative YouTube account. That is just me.

Second thing is installing all of apps that I use regularly. There is about 30 apps which varies from communication to productivity applications. And all of apps are official (OK there are couple apps that can have good alternative but I’m lazy to search for it).

And as final step I would like to call setting up all of applications to my preferences. This can take me couple of days easily.

Bonus step: rooting device. Yup it’s just me. Current device is rooted, Xposed is installed and there is installed only one module – Gravity Box [LP].
This would be my procedure for setting up new device (like this Valencia 2 Y100 Pro).

For next month I would write about one thing and that is mom’s struggle to learn how to use smartphone. I think that would be easy switch from feature phone to smartphone (that I just think because she already used smartphone for some time, but that was before Android 5.x and on device with 3.2″ screen).

Switching phones – Part 1

Oh boy it is tough to write about this topic, especially when you still didn’t bought new phone. But even trough my phone is chosen and it is cheap process would take some time. Why you as reader might ask?

Here are 3 things that need to be done before getting new device.
Note: all opinions are mine so if you do in different order that is fine, but this is just my way of doing things.

First and the most important thing is – BACKUP, BACKUP and again BACKUP! Why backup you might ask? Reason for that stay that I hate data loss (and most of us hate it too) especially when it is important one like contacts and passwords for accessing applications which you use.

I know what you think –

But Marko, contacts have backup daily to your Google/Microsoft/Apple cloud services, why worry about that.

Reason for that is simple – in early 2011 I lost about 25 contacts while I was switching from feature phone to smartphone. You all might think that is not a big deal, but for me it was. Those contacts didn’t properly backed up from SIM card to phones internal storage. It was time when Sony Ericsson had used proprietary cable to charge phone and connect it to PC. Eventually I lost data cable so I moved contacts from old device to new one which was LG Optimus One using Bluetooth. That was a major loss in my contacts history. That 25 contacts was about half of contacts list. Other half was fine because of SIM card contacts which was made back in 2007. Good old memories and times when you had feature phone with only SIM card contacts saving. Anyway – backup is a key, no matter what phone you use. I know that my sister still saves contacts to phone storage so backing up his phone is a hard thing.

Step number two is to clone all of images and videos that you need to some cloud storage solution. In my case I’m safe because for almost 2 and half years all of images and videos are backed up to Google’s cloud also known as Drive.

And the final step is to do factory reset of phone. Not just from settings, I highly recommend to do that using flash tool from manufacturer. For instance as Samsung owner I did it using Odin and now as LG owner I would do that using LG Flash tool. Maybe those tools aren’t 100% official from manufacturer but they work fine for all of flashing purposes.

Next time on blog I would write procedure for setting up phone after switching to it.

Also be ready for blogging series about one man who would finally switch from feature phone to a smartphone (hint: mother)

[RECENZIJA I PRVI POGLED] Windows 10 Technical Preview

Nein, nein, nein… Ne može se ova nova verzija Windowsa zvati Windows 10. Prema nekoj logici treba se zvati Windows 9 a ne 10… Ali ne… MS i njihova One politika koja ovaj put nije uspjela jer je Bill Gates izbacio Windows 1. A zašto onda ne bi dodali nulu pa da bude desetka? E pa zato jer je sistem čak i u ovoj Technical Preview fazi za desetku 😉

Dobro sad bez zahebancije, sistem je zbilja za desetku. Imaju neki manji problemi no to je vezano uz moj audio čipset, hebiga.

Hardware na kojem je testiran sistem je

CPU: Intel Core i3-2100
MBO: AsRock H61M-VS
GPU: Palit Nvidia GeForce GT440 1GB GDDR3
Hard Disk: 500GB Seagate Barracuda sa 4 particije (3 vidljive + sistemska od Windowsa 8.1)
RAM: 8GB (2*4GB na 1333MHz)
Ostalo: Logitech K120 keyboard, Trust GXT25 miš, no-name “HD” webcam, CoolerMaster kučište sa ugrađenim napajenjem od 450W , DVD-RW DL optički pogon nepoznatog proizvođača, Shunli SL-550 haedset

Sami Windowsi su instalirani na posebnu particiju od 45GB. Mislim, to je čist dosta za testiranje rada nekih osnovnih aplikacija kao što su: Office, Camtasia, Sony Vegas, NetBeans, Chrome, Firefox i naravno standardno Java JVM i Flash Player za Firefox.

Nakon instalacije sistema koja je prošla elegantno (čak je bila brža koliko se čini od 8.1 kojeg sam morao reinstalirati prije 3 tjedna) i bezbolno. Dualboot je uspješno prepoznat.

Nakon dodadnog OOB popunjavanja formulara i logina sa LiveID-om, uočio sam prvu i najvažniju promjenu zbog koje su mnogi Windows 8 hateri preskočili 8.x seriju sistema: START meni je vraćen iz mrtvih! I to ne da treba neki dodani program, već je odmah spreman za rad. Inače sam start mi se sviđa jer će u Metro dijelu biti najčešće korišteni programi, a ostatak je za old skul ekipu.

Od ostalih novih mogućnosti navesti ću kopiju ideja iz raznih Linuxa (na skoro svim DE-ovima postoji) : Virtual Desktops i baratanje sa njime. Po meni je to korisna stvarka za one koji imaju samo 1 monitor i hrpetinu stvari pokrenutu. Isto tako, novi način slaganja prozora je dobar i sviđa mi se.

Isto tako jedan klon iz Linuxa je i Command Prompt te mogućnosti selektiranja, copy-paste pomoću shortcuta. No, najbolja kopija je prozirnost. Zbilja se Microsoft ugčedao na Linuxe.

Vezano uz drivere: Windowsi su preko Windows Updatea povukli drivere za grafiku, ali OPET nisu za zvučnu. **bena VIA i njezin support tim -.-” .

Ocjena: 8/10 (VIA driveri)


Ah ti moderni smartfonovi… Svako malo izađe neki novi model. No, ovdje se ne radi o recenziji najnovijeg smartfona iz serije flagshipa. Ne, ovdje se radi o recenziji jednog low/mid-budget smartfona za jednog ne baš naprednog korisnika.

Kao što naslov objave kaže napisati ću recenziju ovog mobitela kojeg ne koristim JA osobno, već ga koristi sestra (da, dobro ste pročitali recenziju pišem prema sestrinim ali i svojim zapažanjima o mobitelu).

I da započnem, poslati ću vas da sami pogledate specifikacije uređaja na GSM Areni. Jedina promjena koja nije navedena tamo je da su VIP-ovci downclockali CPU na samo 1GHz zbog pregrijavanja uređaja. Sve ostalo je isto kao i tamo.

Na prvu sam o mobitelu mislio, OK solidan mobitel, možda ima koji custom ROM da maknem neke sitnice koje smetaju na uređaju te ga upgradeam na možda KitKat preko CM11/OmniROM-a. Ali, zažalio sam… Nažalost, postoje samo dvije varijacije CM10.1, ali obje imaju previše problema da bi bile stabilne za sestrinu uporabu uređaja.

Sam uređaj izgleda veoma robusno iako je 95% mobitela mat plastika. Uređaj ne klizi iz ruku, te je optimum za moju šapu (probavao sam razne uređaje i najveći smartfon/photablet je bio Note 3 kojeg mogu držati sa jednom rukom ali trebam obje za normalno korištenje uređaja).

Kamera od 5Mpx (stražnja) radi solidne slike. Autofokus je onako, meh. Bolji autofokus ima stari Optimus One P500. Ali zbilja, kad sam uspoređivao neke slike koje sam radio sa oba uređaja prvi dan, vidio sam da je autofokus malo lošiji na ovome novijem uređaju. Tap-to fokus radi bolje, ali nije to kao fokus na fotoaparatu makar iz nižeg bugdet segmenta. Bljeskalica radi OK u tamnijim situacijama, te nekad popravlja problem autofokusa prilikom low-light ambijenta. HDR opcija zahtjeva veoma stabilnu ruku da ulovi dvije slike. Iz ove rečenice prije vidi se da uređaj nema optičku stabilizaciju slike. Sve u svemu kamera je OK, može biti i bolja ali s obzirom da je uređaj jeftinjak neću se žaliti.

Front-facing kamera je ajmo to reći: može i bolje s obzirom da je samo 0.3Mpx. Al zbilja 😛

OS na mobitelu je Android u verziji 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Uređaj neće dobiti update na noviji Jelly Bean, a kamoli KitKat na kojem bi radio fluidno. Sam defaultni launcher je onako, previše tweakani GoLauncher (barem sam imao takav feeling) te je ponaked bio štekav. Zbog toga je na uređaju Nova Launcher Prime (kupljen preko Google Play trgovine). Uz uređaj dolaze većinom standardne aplikacije koje su vizualno tweakane da sliče (op. ur.) MIUI ROM-ovima (ah ti Kinezi). Dodatne VIP-ove aplikacije su korisne te iako ih je nemoguće ukloniti bez roota, moguće ih je disableati u opcijama.

Sve u svemu uređaj je solidan za nekoga kome ne treba über novi smartfon te za nekoga kome treba mob za pozive, poruke, malo WhatsApp/Facebook i Internet općenito, te poneki selfie.

OCJENA: 6/10

Razlog: nedostatak supporta od samog proizvođača i community-a (XDA, Modace, Android Srbija i ostali). Ocjenu spašava soldina kamera i veličina ekrana.

Uskršnja čestitka

Last updated on 11.08.2019

*Rap beat ide uza sve ovo*

I došao je dan kad su vidjeli
da sa groba nestao je kamen.
Od čuda tog u grad su krenuli
da svima jave
kako je Krist, Kralj naš
Uskrsnuo, da u grobu nije
da se proročanstvo obistinilo
koje je sam objavio.



I da On je živ
među nama je
iako ga ne vidimo
On hodi sa nama
da vjerujemo
da je USKRSNUO!!!


Vjerovali tome nisu
grob su išli vidjet’
da se uvjere sami
ali neki nisu niti tada
to je neka varka, netko im je smjestio
netko ga je od učenika




I dan danas
nakon skoro dvije tisuće ljeta
mnogi ne vjeruju u ovo čudo,
misle samo na hranu i darove.
Ne znaju da je Krist
među nama i da nas
vodi … Na putu svojeg Križnog puta
da iako padamo po Križem
ustajemo… I idemo dalje…
Do našeg USKRSNUĆA!!!!


Ref x2



Free versions of operating systems

Last updated on 11.08.2019

No they are not concerned Linux If you thought that from the title … These are the two most recent operating system from two sides … And do not question the Android against iOS, but that the other two companies … And if you think it is now well-established  feud between Scroogled Microsoft and calm Google , do not not have another chance to connect the two companies in the triangle quarrels and bickering …

Hope you guessed finally … At issue is the long-awaited review between two major upgrades of operating systems from Microsoft and Apple camps. and upgrades are so large that they become separate operating systems. For Apple, it’s not surprising, but when Microsoft surprise me. You could have it all out as a single service pack for Windows 8, but they do not have to invent something new.

And before I start with reviewing the two new operating systems this year I will quote your hardware, which is already listed in the publication Hackintosh – attempt No. 3

CPU: Intel Core [email protected] GHz
 Motherboard: ASRock H61M-VS with the latest BIOS on it
 Graphics Card: Palit GeForce GT 440 with 1GB DDR3 memory
 RAM: 4 GB (1 * 4GB)
 Disk Drive: 500 GB Seagate Barracuda
 Other hardware: CoolerMaster enclosure with built Corded than 450W, DVD-RW optical drive an unknown manufacturer, Logitech MK120 set of keyboard and mouse, Minton MWC 7105 webcam

As you can see the computer age and the newer games such as Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts on low setting, but it is still all to a special story.

How do I agree disk I explained in the previous publication of hackintosh I’m working on now, but a good three weeks. Each operative has its advantages but also its disadvantages, and will be classified into 4 main categories:

  1. Loading speed of operating system and its general behavior
  2. Gaming (ah know for OS X and I have games on my Steam account)
  3. basic applications to run on the system
  4. new capabilities

1) Loading Speed of operating systems and their general behavior

It is well known that I have a Chameleon boot-loader so that all measurements were carried out by starting from the boot-loader boots up to the end of the ignition with the basic applications that can be ignited at a computer. Some of these applications for both systems are: Dropbox, SkyDrive (now OneDrive), Google Drive, Comodo Antivirus (Internet Security Premium on Windows), Steam and drivers for all possible options (sound drivers to read HFS + partitions on Windows and NTFS partitions on OS X) . As an additional delay at all, I put keying in passwords for computer work.

According to some average times ignition system OS X is slightly higher. That is the average time of ignition OS X is 10 seconds to login screen, and then another 30 seconds until all the other applications do not raise until the very end.

When Windows is a similar situation when it comes to coming up login screen. Yet now I’ll be realistic and say that Windows is faster in this regard. That is the average time to reach this screen is 3 to 5 seconds, depending on the day to day that is how the computer rebooted the system (I thought of when it suits him the male sexual organ but let’s be a little more established with some clever statements). In the second part of the ignition windows are slower for some 10-ish seconds, but just want to add OS X. This slower burning audio drivers and applications Origin.

Both systems are relatively stable (there are minor flaws but it was miserable) and most normal applications that use work without problems (except for Chrome for OS X, but it’s still a story for some other things … Anyway, the main web browser on OS X is Safari).

2) Gaming (games from Steam)

Now we come to the painful point of all users of OS X and Linux. In fact there are not some titles (type Euro Truck Simulator 2) that play on a regular basis. But this game I tried on OS X (Half-Life 2, DLC Quest and The Showdown Effect) had an average frame rate, and there were no significant recoil in games.

On Windows, everything works smoothly, there are some FPS drop but nothing special. As I was somewhere in one of the previous reviews published game is spinning faster than the previous iterations of Windows.

3) Basic applications to run on the system

I will only say a few things and it briefly:

  • everything should be there as a free (“free” for certain things) alternative to the opposite system (example: Sony Vegas Pro with Windows has an equivalent in Final Cut Pro X).
  • Chrome on OS X has some problems with really slow loading pages or uploading them. On Windows does not have the same problems, so I doubt that Chrome had their “time of the month”. Other browsers are working normally and no major problems.
  • Office is lightly loaded and without the need to install packages from nearly a gigabyte and a half, because the plain Preview works wonders. I say this for OS X, and Windows is known to be some sort of Office package, even LibreOffice.
  • Multimedia does not end because VLC works on both systems.
  • Finder vs. Windows Explorer to give much more to describe, but the advantage is in my opinion the Finder. But still prefer Explorer however as it sounded strange.

4) New Capabilities

Honestly to tell you some things. On OS X is my least new Facebook integration everywhere. Before it was Twitter, but now there’s Facebook integration, which is very good. New Mail and Calendar are good and it has synchronized with the Exchange server (TVZ mail infrastructure for the Exchange so it’s good) and Gmail.

In Windows, the most important new thing is the automatic ignition on Desktop without other applications. Everything else is less important to me, it is essential that this option exists.

CONCLUSION: Both systems are good, each in their own way. I’d rather be on Windows unless you really do not need some OS X stuff like Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, and of course when I want to test something on safari.

Rating OS X Mavericks: 8/10 (minor flaws spoil the impression)

Windows 8.1 rating: 7.5/10 (slower boot spoils the experience, and while he has a tiny blemish).

All in all this is a short review 1vs1 both systems. Your experiences can write in the comments, and some will probably sometimes mentioned.

Legalization of illegal…

Last updated on 11.08.2019

Lately I notice the emergence of new happenings in the society … Specifically looking globally more people have legitimate software or perhaps a game. Until some time ago it was different and what was it people started to happen I will try to explain.

As many of you see in Croatia and in the world to implement various anti pirated campaign. I smell all the work of the NSA (National Security Agency) and BSA (Bussines Software Alliance) in cooperation with big companies like EA, Valve, Microsoft but with many other companies. But why do they do it damn. Not everyone has money to buy a license from a few thousand dollars ($ $ $).


I think it is time digital download content. Some find it more cost-effective than buying optical media (CD / DVD). I personally prefer download than optical media that can be destroyed. But the question still stands, what to buy when there is an illegal market called PirateBay and team … Is not it better to save money and buy a new monitor, for example, but give say 1500kn for Microsoft Office that I need once a month. Frankly, if outside should only Word have free alternatives (LibreOffice and OpenOffice as an example).

OK, I understand that the people who really need to buy a license to work eg Office and Windows, and maybe even a lot of other software. But what on earth the little people like me stoked if you want something legitimate and not something you can afford. One reason to see it in better with the technical support services. Another reason for this is the possibility of a free upgrade to a newer version. The best example of this is Windows 8th Many are mad for $ 20 worth upgrading from Windows Vista / 7 so that they would have better support in the future. Are regretted … I think not because Microsoft is pleasantly surprised with a free upgrade to Windows 8.1. Pretty cool!?

When it comes to students, it can be said that technical colleges give their students a free license for Windows, VisualStudio (license for the Ultimate version costs about 3000 HRK) and some server and professional development applications whose value rises up to several thousand dollars ($ $). The best example of this is the TVZ and course LabVIEW graphical programming. Well folks know that one LabVIEW license is not at all cheap …

When it comes to games , there are two opposing sides . One of these advocates originals and free ( free2play ) games . They will always among the first to buy the game on release day no matter what the pirates say that the game is garbage . They will always give you $ 40 ( sometimes $ 60 ) that would have come out as soon as the original . Such hate sales on Steam because they think that then the pirates are trying to legalize their illegal collection of games . I just have an opinion that sales and actions contribute to the number of sales of some games . Also ” hardcore ” legit users hate Hubmle Bundle because there are not getting good games but only indie titles … In part, they are right, but I think they are in the wrong … Are you this summer action with Origin titles such as SIMS 3 + few DLCs , Batllefield 3 , Medal of Honor , Burnout Paradise , Dead Space 1 and 3 as well as some smaller games that are sufficient for approximately $ 5 (which was quite for getting the whole pack with BF3 ) can get a collection of games worth $ 150 if not more . And here’s a recent example : Humble Bundle Warner Brothers game with two GOTY games ( Batman Arkham Asylium and Arkham City ) , LOTR , and even some DLC’s were profitable for $ 5.

On the other hand, are an abomination to me pirates. They want everything they have and people from the originals but without paying. This is partly because sometimes good to try the game and if you should buy it (usually in action). But also, from my perspective I think it is sometimes better to play pirated single-player than give $ 30 for garbage game. No hard feelings but I think I will buy BF4 SP works and works upgraded MP, which is the same as on BF3.

If you ask me how I feel about piracy, I will say only this: I’m trying to legalize as many as possible of applications and games, but it certainly will not give 1500kn Office of stores for private use when there are activators of pain roll where they are used. For games that are worth’ll give you some money and only if the action / sale and if you are in any type Humble Bundle Pack. So much of me on this subject, I’d like to hear your opinions in the comments.

Updated on 11.08.2019. – fixed layout, removed old images, fixed few typos

Blog i blogerski alati – usporedba Bloggera, iself-hosted WordPress instalacije

Last updated on 11.08.2019

Dragi moji čitatelji, znam da vam je teško čitati ove objave ali… Vidim da se mnogi interesirate za moje objave, u čemu pišem te zbog čega sam odabrao to što trenutno koristim.

S obzirom da put do ovoga nije bio toliko lagan kao što vam se čini, napravit ću usporedbu 3 alatke tj. 3 poznata servisa (OK, 2 servisa… WordPress ima u više inačica pa sam zato stavio *.com i vlastitio hostan WordPress) sa kojima sam se služio da bih radio i pisao svoje blogerske objave od davne 2010-te godine (tj. 2009-te ali su te objave završile negdje u vjetru te prašini Internetskih duljina).

1) Blogger / Blogspot

Znam, znam… Dobra je ovo alatka za početak blogganja. Ali, što ako je početak u tome bio davne 2009-te godine. Što ako je tad WordPress bio velika nepoznanica meni kao malom web dizajneru koji ima statički web, te isprobava sve i svašta da ubaci blog u vlastiti web?

Prve objave od tada su otišle u vjetar (da, obrisao sam povezani blog nakon svega 3-4 mjeseca uporabe sa 20-ak objava, ali nije mi žao zbog toga jer su to bili vicevi i to velikom većinom su bili copy-paste sa Facebooka). Tada sam Blog umetnuo u web preko RSS readera za HTML/XHTML. Namučio sam se za neke stvari no to je najmanji problem.

Ponovni povratak na Blogger je tokom 2011-te (točnije to je bilo negdje početkom listopada), te sam ga od onda koristio dobrih 8-9 mjeseci dok sam koristio besplatne hostinge (crappy hostinge koje ne želim imenovati) te sam imao nekoliko static web pokušaja u HTML-u 5. Tokom 2012-te godine prestajem sa uporabom Bloggera za vlastiti blog te onda krećem sa 2 mala bloging projekta koji se odazivaju na imena – Cyanogenmod 9 Croatia (početka rada na blogu – svibanj 2012-te godine, završetak rada na blogu – siječanj 2013-te godine, broj objava na blogu: 52 ) te Jelly Bean Croatia (početak rada na projektu – prosinac 2012-te godine, očekivani završetak rada na blogu – prosinac 2013-te godine, broj objava na blogu : 83 te će ih biti još barem 5-6 do očekivanog kraja rada projekta).

Od posljednje uporabe Bloggera za neku veću zgodu (koja je bila privremeni smještaj svih dosadašnjih objava iz WP-a te Bloggera dok sam vršio testiranje beta verzije WP-a) su prošla 2 mjeseca.

Brzina webova baziranih na Bloggeru je solidna (nije najbrža ali može poslužiti za početnike i jednostane blogere).

Prednosti: jednostavnost uporabe (sučelje), povezanost sa Googleom te Google Plusom (sad je još i veća nego prije), jednostavna konfiguracija bloga te njegovog dizajna uz intuitivno sučelje

Mane: malen izbor tema, za dodatne teme se treba poznavati HTML te znati “hakirati” Blogger da prihvati nove teme, isto kao i za teme za određene widgete i module trebate “hakirati” sam način rada Bloggera

Ocjena: 7/10

2) sam koristio veoma kratko. Razlog za to su razna ograničenja koja postoje u free verziji a to se posebno vidi kod odabira novih tema te kod količine sadržaja kojeg možete ubaciti u sam blog.

Istina je da je ta uporaba bila još davne 2010-te godine kad sam trebao nešto besplatno za bloganje.

Danas se koristi za Jetpack for WordPress plugin (modul po Hrvatski) te njegov dio vezan uz prikupljanje statističkih informacija (posebno broj posjeta te koje se objave najviše čitaju).

Prednosti: povezanost sa Jetpack for WordPress pluginom, sort-of jednostavnost za početnike

Mane: cijene za poboljšanja free verzije

Ocjena: 4/10

3) Vlastito hostan WordPress

E da… Početak rada sa ovime je bio još 2010-te godine kad sam uz pomoć jednog tutoriala ugradio WordPress u tada statički web. Blog je bio copy-paste onoga sa Bloggera te još nekih drugih blogova uz učenje što je to pingback i tako to.

Nakon toga je bila faza bez WP-a (doba Bloggera za vlastiti blog) ali sam se brzo tome vratio. Naravno to je bilo vezano uz pokretanje vlastitog bloga na raznih hostinzima te naravno za projekt Petruševec News (nadam se brzom povratku k tome projektu uz značajne promjene).

Od tada, pa do današnjeg dana koristim WordPress uz možda dvije/tri kratke promjene na neki drugi CMS radi testiranja njihovih mogućnosti.

Inače, zbog čega preferiram self-hosted WP nego Pa, evo vam nekoliko razloga.

  1. mogu ga postaviti na bilo kojem hostingu koji ima minimalne zahtjeve za WordPress instalaciju.
  2. mogućnost testiranja custom tema (te khm verzije tema ako je potrebno)
  3. ogromne mogućnosti proširivanja (opet sam isprobavao khm verzije nekih pluginova, no hvala Bogu postoje free alternative koje su čak i mnogo bolje nego neke plaćene verzije)
  4. sam održavam instalaciju od gluposti te sam brinem o količini sadržaja koje objavljujem (posebno moram brinuti o hostingu jer je malen ali je zato pouzdan)
  5. odlična višekorisnička (multiuser) podrška (testirano na Petruševec News portalu te sad i na E-Portal Hrvatska stranici)
  6. WordPress Multisite -> jedna instalacija WordPressa za više korisinka koji su na vlastitoj subdomeni sa vlastitim dizajnom te vlastitim odabirom modula/pluginova (najbolji primjer za to je Večenjakova Blogosfera koju održavaju Blagonić Brothers – pouzdani WP majstori)


Prednosti: ima ih previše (samo prilagođavanje vlastitim potrebama je ogroman plus), WPMS (Multisite instlacija)

Mane: zeznuto za totalne početnike i ljude kojima je potrebno što jednostavniji blog sustav (može se zaobići sa igranjem u postavkama te sa dodatnim modulima)

Ocjena: 9/10


Nadam se da sam vam sa ovom objavom malo objasnio zbog čega sam već dosta dugo na WordPressu te ga ne planiram mijenjati nizašto drugo (osim možda za neki dobar WP klon, ako ikad bude postojao)

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