For my work I can say that I was unemployed student with regular study. Within that time I had a lot of small IT works for friends and family. I like to say that I was “Family Technician”. Also within college and a bit before that I started to do more YouTube Content Creation. For me YouTube Content Creation is and it would be part-time job. For last 4 years it is real part-time job, not just some hobby like before that. At the October of 2016 I started working for company named “Gold Deal d.o.o” within subdivision of “” (which is one project of mine). I’m on place of System and Web-Shop Administration with Social Media Management and Marketing.

Skills can be described like this – most of them are learned from self paced learning schedule. Those skills also can be sorted in two major groups – programming with informatics and audio-video editing skills. Most of programming skills I learned within high school and college. In that time I learned to program in ANSI C, Java, C++ and LabView. Also in that time I learned lot about creting Small Office-Home Office Networking, Administration and basics of 3D modeling. In free time I learned about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Content Managment Systems like WordPress and Joomla, video editing and graphics design with basic and professional tools. For most of mine works I use free and open-source applications, but for some operations I had to learn to work in professional and paid software. That software which I learned are: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro and Techsmith Camtasia Studio.